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By: Terri

Dustyfluffs: most often found under the bed of sleeping children, Dustyfluffs are actually far from dangerous. They are usually about seven feet tall but can shrink within an instant to the size of a teddy bear. Dustyfluffs have masses of unruly dust covered fur, which helps them camouflage. The Dustyfluff’s large tusks are used for burrowing in the wild where they have no beds under which to seek refuge. Dustyfluffs are easily befriended, as they are very sociable monsters. Dustyfluffs have large appetites and always enjoy a tidbit left under the bed for them.

Flitters: Flitters are little creatures that you see out of the corner of your eye when you least expect it. Flitters are nervous little creatures that prefer shadows, cracks and hideyholes. Because Flitters can only be seen in one’s peripheral vision there are very few accurate descriptions but it is believed that they are entirely black and glisten slightly as though their skin was moist. Flitters are very shy so it is unlikely that you will ever make one’s acquaintance but it would be nice to befriend one. Flitters love shiny or colourful trinkets, which they sometimes steal from unsuspecting humans. In fact, most flitters have virtual treasure-troves of keys, beads, tinfoil, marbles and other knick-knacks, hidden inside their tiny flitter holes. Leaving some curios lying near his flitter-hole entrance would be a very kind gesture that a flitter would definitely reciprocate.

Closet Beasts: Closet Beasts are the monsters who make the closet door open mysteriously in the middle of the night. These monsters are quite a nuisance. They are very hostile and love chaos, no matter how well you clean your closet the next time you open its door everything will be in disarray thanks to your Closet Beast. Closet Beasts are also responsible for nightmares because of the unpleasant things they do to you while you are sleeping. NEVER annoy a Closet Beast; they have been known to eat young children and adults alike. Contact is definitely not advised.

Shadow Wolves: I have never encountered these in anyone’s house but they do live in mine and are definitely worth mentioning. Shadow Wolves lurk in the shadows of houses, particularly on either side of the stairs at night. They look like ordinary wolves except for the air of malevolence that hovers around them and their glowing eyes. Shadow Wolves can only be seen by children and imaginative adults. They crouched in the gloom and growled at me as I was heading up the stairs at night but they would not attack as long as my dog, Sandie, was with me. If you ever encounter Shadow Wolves there are only two ways to keep them from bothering you: turn on the lights or have someone with you.

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