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Hey city girl! Have you ever thought about turning down the volume on the world, shutting your phone off,  and going somewhere else to make those prints, build that installation, or sew up that book you’ve been dreaming of? Sure, there’s all of the super competitive residencies at the big galleries and theatres downtown. But what about sneaking away and making something awesome where no one is looking?

Here are some ideas for where you can go make some art for a week, a month, or even longer and maybe even get paid to do it!

Berton House Writers’ Retreat (Dawson City, YT)

Who doesn’t dream of going to the Yukon to make art? Why not go up to Dawson City for a three month residency in the childhood home of Pierre Berton? A $6000 honorarium plus travel costs are included.  

Deep Bay Residency (Riding National Park, MB)

The Deep Bay cabin at Riding National Park is a pretty cottage in the woods where badass Manitoban Artists can get wacky and try new art!

Women’s Artist Book Residency (Rosendale, NY)

6-8 weeks to make a limited edition book work? It’s a zine or bookmaker’s dream! Write, print, and bind your own book in an edition of 50-100 at the Women’s Studio Workshop in Rosendale NY.  

Residency for Artists on Hiatus (Anywhere! But based out of Montreal, QC)

OK, we had to include this one. This is a residency for artists who are *not* working, making, or presenting art right now. Residents are expected to document their on-hiatus activities and submit a report. Get into your non-art endeavors!

Klondike Institute of Art & Culture (Dawson City, YT)

Not done with Dawson City? The KIAC residency not only includes a stay in Dawson City under the northern lights, it also includes courses and specific tracks in film and music.

Write a House (Detroit, MI)

A different kind of writer’s residency! In that it’s a long term residency, like… very long term. You’ve got to be a US resident for this one, but basically vacant houses (not foreclosures) become vocational training projects in a neighbourhood, resulting in a house for a low-income writer, either from Detroit or somewhere else to live in!

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