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The Quarter Finals are finally here.

Only 8 stories remain.



You hyped. You trash-talked. You voted. The website crashed. Came back on. All this to say: We obeyed. 8 stories have been slashed. Only 8 remain.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you because we’re warning you now.

The Quarter Finals are not for the faint of heart. Story will be pitted against story. Only one out of every two will survive.

Will we Smile with Sophie-Anne Belisle or will Emily Cann’s Whatever’s Next make it through? Will it be Jon Flieger’s Distrust and the Deathcloud that disseminates into the next round or will R. Daniel Lester Free Your Mind? Will we choose a blood-drinking future with Sean Wheaton’s Cracked Red Landscape, or move backwards with John Wu to The Origin of the World? And will you make Arrangements with Christina Brown or stay At Wanda’s with Jenny Prior?

Only you can decide.

So keep that browser open and your comments coming. You’ve got one week to make a break or break Deathmatch dreams.

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