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Mia McKenzie of Black Girl Dangerous

Call: The Patch Project

The PATCH provides artists the opportunity to exhibit their work in public on Toronto’s streets. The organization pairs up with land developers to showcase the work of artists on or around construction sites and other underused spaces. Current spots include a mural in James Town and other work in Alexandra Park. They are looking for artists who live or work in the Toronto area, and who are interested in exhibiting their work in the public realm. Any medium works. Apply at their website.

Call: Black Girl Dangerous

The Black Girl Dangerous project is a hugely influential and important non-profit, reader-funded web portal for queer and trans people of colour. The site’s founder, activist/blogger Mia McKenzie is looking for submissions of writing from queer/trans POCs. You can submit one item – an essay, a story, poem, photo collection, a rant on anything from politics to pop culture, with special preference given to pieces that reflect current events. Small honorariums are available. No sex poetry, please, and if your writing violates feminist ideals, no dice (obviously.) Also, if you are not up for having a dialogue and editing process applied to your piece, this is probably not the place for you either. For more info and guidelines, visit the Black Girl Dangerous website.


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