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Camp Wavelength is open to proposals from artists, vendors, musicians, more! [image via facebook]

Call for Submissions: Camp Wavelength


Wavelength is launching a new “intimate, boutique festival” on Toronto Island at the end of August, seeking the best indie music and art from Canada and everywhere. The theme? “Another World.” Submit a proposal to including the words CAMP WAVELENGTH SUBMISSION in the subject heading. The event will be August 28-30, and the deadline is April 16.

Call for Submissions: “it seems like nothing gets any better” – a zine for trans women & mental health

A zine for trans women and trans feminine people dealing with mental health struggles, neurodivergence, psychiatric whatever, trauma, recovery, addiction, institutions. More details on the call for submissions, deadline is May 20th.

Call for Submissions: Bosc:Rev 4

Issue 4 of the DIY poetry and flash-fiction zine is open for subs on the themes of revolution and free-speech, taking over from the hi-fi Boscombe Revolution and published by Hesterglock Press. Send a max of 6 poems or 300 word flash fiction to Deadline May 3.

Call for Submissions: Fill Their Shoes

Fill Their Shoes is a zine about being the other woman, the scarlet letter, being a bit on the side, being a secondary lover, the special guest, the homewrecker, and alla dat! Submissions welcome from everyone with a tale to tell, regardless of gender or sexuality. Call for

Submissions: Kapusula – Summer School

Kapsula magazine welcomes you to Summer School — the reading list gets shorter, the deadlines are flexible, and the profs are a joke. For its third volume, Kapsula offers you a carte blanche to break rules and go on vacation with your writing, so long as it fits into the stories and themes begun in its previous issues. Check out the call for submissions here.


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