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Call for Submissions: Body Positive Zine Issue 3 and the No Means Yes, Right? Street Harassment Issue 2 zine.

Currently accepting submissions for both of these awesome feminist zines! Deadline is August 1 but earlier is better. Check out this neat picture above for more details, and send submissions to


Call for Submissions: Crooked Fagazine Issue 5
t’s time to start putting together the fifth instalment of the sleaziest scumdump fag-rag to ever splatter bad taste across the globe, which means you’ve got to roll up those sleeves, work up that elbow grease and pull out some intimate writing from deep inside of you. Deadline May 31.

Call for Submissions: Ms. Pac-Man Noir

Ms. Pac-Man as a femme fatale? Obviously. Ms. Pac-Man Noir is a chapbook co-edited by Terri Favro and one of our own fiction editors, A.G. Pasquella. Have you got a noir-style Ms. Pac-man short story or poem handy? Probably, but if not, put one together and send it in to by THIS SUNDAY May 31, 2015. Estimated launch date: Fall 2015. Check out the posting.
Call for Submissions: New Toronto Works

Pleasure Dome is seeking short experimental film/video works, expanded cinema performances and media art installations by Toronto-based artists for the annual New Toronto Works Show.

Works must be produced after January 2014 and be no longer than 15 minutes. To submit please send a weblink of the work, single page synopsis, and artist bio to or send/ drop-off submission preview to:

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