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Black Trans Love Is Black Wealth

Type: Anthology of art, poems, prose, essays, paintings, photographs, and plays by Black trans, gender-non-conforming, and non-binary folks
Submissions: Anonymity is an option. The editors are looking for work that’s representative of the diverse, multidimensional, and transnational experiences of Blackness. Whether submissions be about relationships, spirituality, coming out, sex, bodies, workplace, violence, the state, incarnation, education, or any number of other topics, the editors are looking to add new voice to a vibrant Black queer literary lineage.
Deadline: January 10

Dressed in Black: Erotic Stories Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe

Type: Poe-inspired stories with explicit sexuality and erotic focus
Press: Circlet Press
Pays: $25 for ebook rights + $25 for print rights
Submissions: Stories must take place between consenting adults (no rape, necrophilia or nonconsensuality) and explore hallmarks of Poe’s fiction, such as murder, revenge, madness, death, isolation, love, longing and loss.
Deadline: February 15



Type: Year-long exhibition at the University of Toronto
Pays: Unspecified honorarium
Submissions: Students in U of T’s Museum Studies Programs are developing their thesis exhibition, which explores the relationship between art, student experiences, and positive mental health. They are looking for any 2D submissions (including painting, photography, textiles) by current and former college and university students who use art as a form of therapy and resilience.
Deadline: January 5

Perverse Pleasures: The Desire for Queer Kink Contact

Type: Kinky publication
Press: Queer Antics Press
Pays: $10 to accepted applicants (be sure to sign the Publishing Agreement)
Submissions: The press is looking for submissions that explore queer BDSM, kink, and leather culture. If you’re having trouble starting, they offer helpful prompts on their website.
Deadline: February 25


Type: Anthology
Submissions: Science fiction writing by queer people of colour
Deadline: December 15

The Graveyard Girls

Press: HellBound Books
Type: Anthology of women’s horror strictly by women writers
Submissions: Submit your most terrifying (and previously unpublished) original fiction.
Deadline: March 1

Indie Writer’s Deathmatch 2018

Type: Short story contest
Publication: Broken Pencil Magazine
Prize: $400 + Ultimate Literary Makeover
About: What exactly is the Indie Writer’s Deathmatch? It’s an online battle. The top 16 stories battle it out online complete with reader voting, author trash talk and lots of comments. It’s fun and crazy and all about finding and promoting new voices!
Deadline: December 31



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