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Call for Submissions: Poetic Revolt Against the Conservatives

Howl arts collective is inviting poets from all over Canada to write reflecting on the state of Canada under its current Conservative nightmare. From Howl:

“An extensive violence is present today in Canada under a Conservative government. Economic violence imposed by ideological austerity measures that attempt to force working people and the poor to pay for a financial crisis engineered in the halls of economic power.

Cultural violence taking place in territories that are legally bound by treaties with indigenous nations that corporations and politicians refuse to respect, while also moving to colonize indigenous lands that have never been ceded.

Social violence in a context where a form of extreme capitalism has been embraced by politicians and economic power players who profit massively from a system rooted in extreme injustice.

People and lands that fall within Canada’s borders are being attacked and violated by a Conservative ideology that extends from Canada’s largely unaccounted for genocidal past, but that manifests in policies that today seem to inherently aim to re-celebrate the worst visions of society’s relationship to the land.

Artists can play a critical role in undercutting this violent and inhumane, extreme capitalist race to the bottom that is currently taking place. Culture has always played a critical role in movements for social, ecological and gender justice. Today in Canada its a critical moment for artists to step to the front lines.

Howl arts collective is working with a network of different poets and writers across Canada to publish a zine of writings that express our collective outrage, anger and opposition to the Conservative government. These poems aim to express our collective discontent and outrage toward a Conservative government who has embraced an ideology of extreme capitalism that holds little regard for people, communities or Mother Earth.”

Deadline for poems is August 1. Submissions can be sent to

Show ‘em who’s boss!

More contests and calls for submissions after the jump.

Call for Submissions: We’re All Gonna Die: Activity Summer Fun Time Guide

What floats your boat? What makes your summer sizzle? Give us your difficult, confuddling, clever, subversive puzzles. Send us your time-wastersand life-changing events. Send us your brain teasers and your sagest advice.

What this activity book IS:
An homage and satire of Owl, Chickadee, Highlights, MAD, Cracked, camper’s guides, Klutz Crafts, children’s public broadcasting, and so on.

What this activity book IS NOT:
For children.

E-mail Michael at with an idea you’ll be working on. Be as inventive as you like with the format and medium – if it’s online or 3D content, it’s sitll good!

Submission Deadline: June 18. Check out their Facebook page

Writing Contest: Room

Canada’s oldest literary journal by and about women are holding their annual writing contest for fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry. First prize is $500 and second is $250, plus you get published— pretty sweet! Entry is $35. More information at the Room Magazine website.

Calls for Submissions: Yow! A Zine About Ottawa


Everyone talks shit about Ottawa— “the city nobody romanticizes or mythologizes or admits to loving.” It’s time to change that! This zine is “seeking tales of Ottawa adventures, dreamy 613 memories, yr fave spots, neighbourhood scene reports, & yr reasons for staying.” Time to convince the naysayers. Submissions can be sent to by the end of the summer.

Call for Submissions: Four Way Books

Four Way Books is having a June reading period for poetry collections, short story collections, and novellas. Entry costs $28. More information at their website.

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