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Illustration of late American singer Chester Bennington by Sole Chan

Call for Submissions: Chester Bennington zine

For many, Chester Bennington’s death came a major shock. In memory of the Linkin Park singer, one fan is looking to create a fanzine called In The End. Submissions of all kinds are welcome, including poetry, art, playlists, reviews and creative non-fiction. The deadline has been extended to September 9, 2017.

Call for Submissions: Plenitude

Plenitude Magazine is open for submissions for their inaugural Rainbow Unicorn Stuffie Mix-tape Awesomeness Flash Writing Contest — we’re not making this name up. The online magazine is focused on the promotion, growth, and development of LGBTQ lit and art, while centring on the work of POC, Indigenous and trans artists of varying abilities and ages. LGBTQ identifying writers can submit their fiction, nonfiction, and prose poetry that’s between 250 and 500 words by September 30, 2017.

Call for Submissions: the Same

A new online lit journal called the Same is seeking submissions for women and by women. The journal’s goal is “to connect women of all walks of life through the written word, crossing generational, racial, occupational, and situational lines. We believe that the more things change, the more they stay the same, and we are all connected by the universal truth of womanhood.” Essays, nonfiction, fiction, and poetry are all welcome, with the deadline currently rolling.

Call for Submissions: all the sins

U.K.-based all the sins wants artists to look outside and show what they see. For its fifth issue, the digital magazine is looking for all things landscape, from pastoral poetry to digital mindscapes, utopian landscapes, and futurescapes. The deadline for submissions is September 21, 2017.

Call for Submissions: Three Drops from a Cauldron

Autumn is fast approaching, which means the time of witchery and spookiness is upon us. Three Drops from a Cauldron, an online journal, is seeking poems and flash fiction that touch on “the spookier side of folklore, mythology, and fairy tales: ghosts, demons, witches, superstitions, dark fairies” for their Samhain 2017 Special. Submissions are due September 21, 2017, and the edition will be published online and in print on Friday the 13th in October.



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