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Hey, guess what? Canzine Central is THIS SATURDAY!!! As a part of our ongoing Canzine Portrait series, we’re shouting out Sad Haus Press who will be tabling with us for the first time. Here’s our 3 little questions with them!
1. Tell me about your zine distro/project/dreams. What are they all about, who are they for, and why did you start making them?
We are a small press that makes art zines and patches, mostly of our own art and photography. We feel that each of our zines give a glimpse into our work like a micro exhibit on paper. Some of our zines have small concepts, while others are mini comics or abstract in their themes. To us these zines stand alone, and represent the same thing that a finished canvas or mural would. We hope anyone viewing them can find their own meaning in them as well. Going forward with Sad Haus Press we would love to release zines for artists who might not normally consider releasing work in a zine format.
2. What’s your #1 survival tip for tabling at zine fairs?
We haven’t tabled at too many zine fairs, but an obvious would be to bring lots of good snacks!!
3. Who are some other zine makers you are into or want to shout out?
There is a lot going on locally and some of our favourite zinesters include, Robert Pasternak who makes really cool comics & novelties, a lot of them have interesting concepts and super unique packaging and binding. We dig all of Shaun Morin’s art zines which are usually collections of street art or personal studio work. We also like Sappho Zine Collective, rip/torn collective, and Cockroach zine.

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