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Get to know sem-o!

We first encountered sem-o distro at the Toronto Anarchist Bookfair 2014, where a table of gorgeous and sleek zines with sexy covers was an automatic magnet to us. Even bettwer was the content— tons of repurposed and repackaged stuff from other zines, anarchist texts, ChrimeThinc and others thoughtfully put together. Basically a one-man project based out of Hamilton, sem-o has tabled at hiphop shows, set up libraries at land occupations, and mailed envelopes bursting with zines into prisons.” They will not only be tabling at Canzine Toronto on November 1, rumour has it they’ll be at Canzine Central (Winnipeg) and the Hamilton Feminist Zine Fair (November 15).


Most importantly, sem-o will be on our Canzine Toronto panel on zines as political tools in the digital age. We’re stoked to have sem-o speak to this because they really do the exact kind of hardcore, DIY, anarchist lit distribution that is at the core of a lot of political zine cultures. But still, a lot of their zines are online as PDFs— conquering both channels of distribution, probably with different ends and effects.

They even have a “how to start your own distro” section on their website. Truly doing the good zinesters work, with a particularly radical bent. Sem-o, we salute you!



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