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TQZF poster by Jenny Chan

Yes, you noticed it too! Canzine Toronto this year is on October 17th at the Art Gallery of Ontario, which is the same day as the Toronto Queer Zine Fair at Trinity St. Paul’s Church.

We are really excited to be partnering with Art Gallery of Ontario to make Canzine its most accessible yet, and to bring ziney goodness to more people than we thought possible. Part of this venue change also necessitated a date change, and now you’ve got two zine fairs on the same day in Toronto — which, if you think about it, is kind of amazing!

The Toronto Queer Zine Fair was created in 2013 to fill the need for a zine fair specifically for the LGBTQ2ISA* zine community. As an event and a community, it has grown in amazing ways since then. It’s a different vibe and experience than Canzine, and both are worth visiting.

We at Canzine have grown a lot in the last three years. When TQZF began in 2013, Canzine organizers began to do some real thinking about the ways we have not been a safe or accessible space for queer, trans, and disabled people. Many of us are queer ourselves, and seeing the amazing and very intentional work that TQZF has done around accessibility, anti-oppression, safe space and inclusivity has totally inspired us, and this is part of why we’ve moved venues and changed approaches.

Because we think both Canzine and TQZF are important and amazing — each with their own identities and showing different slices of the zine community — we encourage you to visit both on October 17th!

In the next few months, we’ll be sharing information about travelling between the two venues, a join scavenger hunt with special prizes, and so much more! Although we are two separate events, we’re happy to be working together on making sure visitors can get the most out of the biggest zine weekend ever in Toronto.

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