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Jenn Woodall is the creator behind Magical Beatdown, a gorgeous risograph zine that she created in 2013. Magical Beatdown is a mash-up of shonen/shoujo anime/manga tropes. (Shoujo media refers to media for girls while Shonen media refers to media for boys.)

Jenn says: “I grew up watching Sailor Moon and various magical girl anime series but I also loved hyper violent series like Battle Angel Alita, X, Akira and Parasite. Magical Beatdown juxtaposes the tropes of both genres with a feminist perspective.” Feminism, anime and violence, you say? We’re into it.

Jenn will have issues 1 (now in its fourth print run!) and 1.5 available for sale at Canzine Toronto. (She also has a bunch of rad products, including a zine about a seance, at her shop here!) Come pay her a visit this Saturday, November 1!

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