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“Psuedo” images provided by the artist

We’re excited to welcome talented illustrator Pei Wei Li to Canzine Toronto this year!

She will be selling Pseudo, a graphic novel series that explores the pitfalls of self righteousness, and contains a mix of Eastern and Western mythology and fantasy with plenty of action fight scenes. She says it’s a mix of manga, super-hero comics, fantasy and “observations of real life struggles which everyone can relate to.”

Pei Wei says: “Kain is the spirit of a 17-year-old boy who took himself too seriously and believed himself to be the perfect hero. Unfortunately, when he died he was rejected from Heaven. Ashamed, he is determined to become the perfect angel to prove Heaven wrong, and has to perform a series of missions for Heaven for a chance to change their mind.”

“Pseudo is a complex continuous story that takes place in our world, except it is also populated by hidden-in-plain-sigh individuals who can control nature called “Naturalists”. The name Pseudo describe Kain’s current condition; in his full power state, he looks like and has the powers of an angel, but he isn’t — he is an imitation angel. It is ultimately about being honest with oneself and accepting yourself without approval.”

Pseudo will be a weekly updated webcomic, however Canzine attendees will be the first to read the limited edition book!

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