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This week we’re gonna take a look at some of the people coming to sell and share their work at Canzine Toronto!

Adam Aylard is the creator of Super Baby Jesus, a cleverly subversive comic that critically examines aspects of religion and self-fulfillment. This Jesus opens pickle jars with His mind and tells zombies what for…using his fist! Oh yeah! Plus, he’s cute.

We reviewed Super Baby Jesus’ first two collections in a recent issue of BP. Review is below (we loved it!). Check out more of Adam’s work online at and be sure to come and visit him at Canzine!

Super Baby Jesus, Comic Zine, Adam Aylard, #1 and #2, 26 pgs each,, $35, hardcover, free online

At its grassroots level, Jesus’s marketing team is made up of kindly old ladies. These messianic mavens hand out religious pamphlets, many of them comics, from street corners across the globe in the hopes that suspected sinners and ne’er-do-wells will find the Son of God in their hearts.

Adam Aylard is not one of these ladies. But his one-page strip, Super Baby Jesus, could easily be mistaken for one of their pamphlets, even though it acts as a clever counterpoint to shameless proselytizing.

Super Baby Jesus highlights the absurdity of the what-if-every-prayer-was-answered scenario by taking it to its most mundane extension. The strip stars a swaddled baby Jesus—with a middle-aged face and arms like wisps of smoke—who travels the world helping people out. The ways He tackles simple problems are humorous and lighthearted, e.g. sharpening a broken pencil with His mouth and pickling a cucumber with His mind when a pickle jar won’t open.

It’s when problems don’t have clear solutions that SBJ’s services come into question. When an innocent bystander is chased by zombies, He chooses to punch him in the face so the zombies can catch up and quell their hunger. When a wife threatens divorce if her husband hasn’t taken out the trash, SBJ eats the trash. Aylard’s point here is to substantiate the obvious claim—that everyone can’t have everything they want—by showing how most desires entail someone else’s loss. Right and wrong are usually in the eye of the beholder.

Super Baby Jesus succeeds in undermining any come-to-Jesus tract, because rather than encourage readers to submit to a higher power, it reminds them that they’re the prime agents of their own fulfillment. (Trevor Abes)

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