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Come see these talented folks Oct. 24th at the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts!

Stacey Bru

Art By Tuna

Emilia Baeza

Ballast Canting

Bananas Are Zine

Cat Brell

Bev. Gordon Creations

Carmen Bright

Byrne Creek Community School

Flavia Chan

Yuting Chen

Cinema Sewer

Emily Cowan

Dana Kearley

Stefan Gaulin

Gurks Collective

Michael Groat

Hotam Press

Karla Monterrosa

Asher Klassen

Kiko Kung

Jack, Emmett and JJ

Hailey Mah

April Milne

Nathan Jones

Old Pond Comics

Courtney Presber

Jasmine Schuett

Tawnee Smith

Spartacus Books

Joni Taylor

Toaster Pop

Zed Alexandra

Nell deJager

View Medical

From the Root

Amrit Brar

Kelly Chen

Jean Gaudin

Risa Hugo

Shane Lange

Rupa Nolan

A.G. Pasquella

Sarah Thompson

Colin Upton

Berth Wagner

Carina Piccioni

Cole Pauls

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