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At all three Canzines this year, we are having a panel discussion titled “From print to pixel: zines as political tools in the digital age.”  In Winnipeg and Toronto, we’ve already hosted speakers from across the media and zine spectrum speaking to the strategic advantages and disadvantages of print and digital for political organizing and information sharing.We’ve already profiled some of the activists and organizers working primarily in digital media, as well as some folks doing the good work in underground anarchist publishing in Hamilton. In Vancouver, we knew we had to reach out to Spartacus Books for their insights.

Spartacus Books is a nonprofit, volunteer-run bookstore and resource centre located on the edge of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The store has been successfully run for over 35 years by a collective of volunteers, despite a 2004 fire at its old location on West Hastings Street.

Spartacus has an unparalleled selection of academic and scholarly publications including journals and books and hard-to-find publishers that aren’t available anywhere else in Vancouver.

Today, we introduce you to fiona fruitfly, who is a member of the Spartacus Books collective and will be speaking on the panel at Canzine West on November 8.

fiona is a non-conforming womxn of northern and eastern european descent who lives on stolen coast salish land known as east vancouver. she recently started ‘fruitfly distro’ with her living-mate and co-conspirator nat to get rad shit made by rad people out into the world. fiona has also been involved in Spartacus Books for over 2 years, and believes deeply in the importance of accessible social space. Spartacus Books is Vancouver’s radical volunteer run bookstore and has been rockin’ it for over 40 years, offering books, zines, friendships and more to this lonely city.

Look out for Fiona on the panel, and also visit her at the fruitfly distro table during the zine fair.

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