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Homeless Quatchi & Friends is one of our favorite political comic projects ever, and we’re super stoked to have them at Canzine West this year. A lovable sasquatch cartoon character and his friends going through the real life hardships that unfathomable numbers of people go through living on the streets of Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.  Here’s a bit about the project:

What’s an unemployed mascot to do after the biggest sporting event in the world, has packed up and left the city?


The Homeless Quatchi Project attempts to continue where the story left off.

It began as a vinyl toy figure. What then followed was a series of photos taken throughout the city during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Anniversary in 2011. Homeless Quatchi has since expanded into a print comicbook series, as well as an online webcomic.

Homelessness is not a laughing matter. The Homeless Quatchi Project takes idealized cartoon characters and puts them through life situations that are relatable to just about anyone.

See you at Canzine West, Quatchi!

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