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Ahead of Canzine West, we will be doing short profiles of some vendors and presenters we’d like you to know about. If you like what you see, please come support their work at Canzine West on Saturday November 2!  


From “Drawing on History” by Sarah Davidson


Sarah Davidson is an artist, writer and BFA student at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver. She makes mixed-media drawings, zines and paintings, as well as collaborative projects, and says her work “takes reference from the city around her as well as weeks at a time spent living in remote wilderness. ”

Sarah has a bunch of stuff to show you at Canzine West. She has a new book called Wild – a collection of interviews with Vancouver artists who deal somehow with the idea of wilderness, including Karin Bubas, Cameron Kerr, Evan Lee, and Alison Yip. She’ll also be bringing a few new zines, including an interview with local artist James Nizam called Build Your Own Cosmos,  a zine of collaborative drawings with James Linton Murphy and a collection of her own drawings called drawing on history.

To make drawing on history, Davidson took a textbook about early explorers, removed almost everything except for the pages with sea monsters, and then drew and painted over top of those. The zine is hand-bound, and the cover is also an original etching. Beautiful!

Sarah says: “My interest in zines and artist books goes back to high school, when me and my friends would write scathing reviews of local folk singers, photocopy them alongside some collages, and then sell them at punk shows.  I’m still interested in self-publishing as a form of journalism, and in books as a form of art.  Flipping through a book is a different relationship to a work than looking at it on a wall, and aside from that, suggests ideas of narrative that are fun to work with.”

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