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Canzine Central (Winnipeg) is just a few days away! We’ll be posting a full list of vendors shortly. In the meantime, we’ll be profiling some of the fest’s vendors right here.

Firstly we are pleased to welcome Junto Local 411. Junto is a a collectively-run lending library which provides rare, radical, and relevant political materials to all. From the collective’s website: “We feel it is vital to see ourselves reflected in print, to provide a forum for alternative information and lifestyles, to challenge what we have been spoon-fed, to share the skills and knowledge we need to live our chosen lives to the fullest and to inspire ourselves and others to action.”

The library carries zines and books ranging on a whole swath of subjects, including Gender, Health, Sexuality, Alternative Education, Queer, Indigenous Struggles, to New Afrikan Struggles, Food Issues, Animal Liberation, Foreign Policy, Cuba, Socialism, Poetry, Radical Fiction, Labour, Kid’s Books, Art and Revolution and event Cooperative Board Games!

This wonderful collective will be at Canzine Central to fill you in on their resources and tell you how to get involved! We are so happy to have them at Canzine Central and to be partnering with the Winnipeg Anarchist Bookfair and DIY Fest. Visit the link for more info!

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