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Five years ago, Kirsten McCrea sensed something was amiss in the world of art. It seemed as though there were few options for art lovers to actually purchase/own their favourite pieces – unless they were rich, or willing to purchase boring reproductions in the gift shops. It seemed antithetical to the idea that art can – and should – be a transformative experience for everyone, regardless of access or income.

The Toronto-based artist decided to take matters into her own hands, and Papirmass was born. For $69/year ($99/year internationally) subscribers will receive an original art print each month that also features contemporary writing on the other side in the mail. Individually, this breaks down to only $5.75 for an original work of art (including postage). The subscription includes 12 art prints (ranging from 4 x 6 inches to 18 x 24 inches and other mediums) and 12 original stories in 12 beautiful illustrated envelopes. Papirmass has found an audience and has mailed 45,000 prints around the world since its inception.

This week, Papirmass celebrates five years of affordable and fun mail art with a showing of all 60 artworks sent out to date, a pop-up shop, a birthday party and a card-making session.

The Pop-Up shop/showing (December 12/13, noon-6pm, Hermann & Audrey, 1506 Dundas West) will feature the latest issue of Papirmass, featuring an until-now secret comic by Sook-Yin Lee ten years in the making, along with literary offerings from Coach House, BookThug, Little Brother, and others, plus titles by some of Papirmass’s past and upcoming authors, including Mathew Henderson, Jacob Wren, Jenny Sampirisi, our own A.G. Pasquella  and his book Why Not a Spider Monkey Jesus? and Gary Barwin. There will also be artist multiples, affordable originals and handcrafted original work. 

The space will also host a birthday bash from 7pm-11pm on Friday Dec 12, and a collage/card-making party on Sat Dec 13 (5pm-10pm).

Subscriptions will also be for sale at all events this weekend, with holiday specials and deals!

For more info, visit the Papirmass website!

Join Papirmass this weekend and celebrate McCrea’s success and invaluable contributions to the world of affordable independent art and brightening up mail culture.



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