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The indie comic Chicken Outfit exists at the intersection between quirky, violent and a little bit smutty. Co-creators Joe Deagnon and Kirby Stasyna have written a comic about two schleps who work in an office that deals with online pornography beneath the tyranny of their cruel boss. Where this story gets really interesting is when these two open a portal to another dimension and unleash all types of hellish beasts. Now they must battle demons and douchebags to save the world and their jobs.

Chicken Outfit and its creators are 100% Canadian, residing in Toronto. With a great ’80s horror style, the humor and outlandish scenarios of Chicken Outfit are intriguing — to say the least — and the promise of extreme violence only sweetens the deal. The creators have described Chicken Outfit being a sci-fi comic for these shocked times with corporate greed, pretentious aliens and undead biker chicks.

They’re also offering some great incentives to those who give some money to the project. For $2 you get gratitude, which is nice, but for $10 you can get the first issue of Chicken Outfit in colour! Or for $17 an issue, postcards and stickers, stickers! And starting at $55 you can add a T-shirt to that deal.

Deagnon and Stasyna are looking for $3,800 to get themselves started and to get copies of Chicken Outfit into stores and conventions. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated to help make this indie comic an indie reality. Check out their Indiegogo page and watch the trailer for the book below.


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