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Hey BPers! This here is something of a special, combination call-for-artists/crowdfunding post. With this new initiative, there’s something for all facets of the artist/patron/Torontonian spectrum. As many of you know, the Toronto Fringe Festival is Ontario’s largest theatre festival. This year, the festival runs July 2-13. Presenting new works from cutting-edge indie artists, the Fringe is offering more than 150 shows. We know from experience how the city comes alive in a particular way during the Fringe, thanks both to the performers and the people who come out to support them.
That’s where you come in—this year Toronto Fringe is launching a new, national crowdfunding platform for independent artists called Fund What You Can. It’s like Kickstarter, but specifically for Canadian artists. To be clear, you don’t actually have to be working on something for the Fringe Festival to sign up, they’re just the organization behind this whole idea. Anyone with an artistic project can sign up at to launch a campaign. You will have creative control over the content you provide and complete freedom to craft a campaign that will inspire people to donate.
And the best part (drumroll please): you can access this resource for FREE until August 2014. So if you have a creative project in need of funds, sign up for an account and wait for the dollars to roll in. In the first week of operations, FWYC campaigners raised over $20,000 for their projects!
Go get your coins!

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