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Call for Submissions: Training Wheels Zine!

Childhood photos, drawings, projects and ephemera can tell us a lot about who we are today…. This zine wants to bring all of those together! Deadline September 30th. Check out the call for entries here! 

Call for Submissions: Erstwhile Magazine

Erstwhile is looking for submissions for their Fall issue, including poetry, blackout/erasure poems, prose shorter than 500 words, photo and illustrations. Aesthetic “Nostalgic and whimsical.” Deadline September 1. Submit to

Call for Submissions: ROASTMEAL Rage Issue

That’s right, rage! Anger! Furor! Roast shitty people and systems for the Oatmeal zine’s 11th issue and submit it to Deadline August 31.

Call for Submissions: The Matador Review

An alternative literature and art quarterly based out of Chicago, Matador invited all unpublished literature and many forms of visual art. Deadline for the fall issue is August 31. Check it out! 

Call for Submissions: Eight-Stone Press

Baltimore’s Eight-Stone Press is looking for submissions for a brand new print endeavour called FIRE PIT — colloquial storytelling, stories of life lived or lost, kneeslapping adventures and hard-won wisdom. Creative non-fiction is preferred. Deadline September 5th. Check out the call here! 

Call for Submissions: Wes Anderzine #4

Fiction, non-fiction, poetry and art inspired by the films of Wes Anderson. Max word count 500, deadline August 29th. Check out the post here!  

Call for Submissions: Blink Super-Short Video Festival

What’s it like where you live? What do you love, what’s not so great? Do you call where you live home? Do you live in one place or several? Are you in a suburb, inner-city, small town, a cabin in the woods, a fishing village or farm? Does “I Live Here” mean a tent, cabin, high-rise, bungalow, boat? Take us there in a short video! Share your short vids on Instagram or Vine using #ILiveHere and #Blink and tag and follow @akimboart.

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