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Kevin Spenst is an award-winning poet, author and teacher, and he’s also a champion of creative experimentation. In the past, he’s given himself a unique array of writing challenges that also seek to engage the larger community.  One notable example of this is his “Fast Fictions” project, wherein he wrote a short-short story each day and e-mailed it to groups of people around the world, who then printed and hid the stories in various nooks and crannies until they were (possibly) found. In 2007 Spenst embarked upon a 50-day tour in Vancouver to promote these little stories.

Starting today, Spenst sets out on his most ambitious project yet: he’s travelling across Canada on a 100-venue tour to share his own poetry, collaborate with other creators and draw attention to small presses and their works. He’ll be on the road until May 17th, starting from Victoria, heading east all the way to Toronto and flying back to his native Vancouver to wrap things up.  He’ll be hitting a variety of art spaces, libraries, cafes, homes and other spots along the way, reading his work and sharing the bill with local poets and writers. Wanna see his whole schedule?

That’s not all – Kevin will also be writing about the entire trip for us right here! On this here blog! Check back here on Tuesdays and Thursdays to see what he’s been up to and where he’ll be going next. Godspeed Mr. Spenst!

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