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Zine, Tyler Hauck,

Have you ever made a profile for yourself  on dating websites? Come now, be honest.  You must have at least been curious. Tyler  Hauck works out his curiosity in this little  volume, posing as a 26-year-old woman  posting for an ongoing casual relationship.  He then compiled the responses along  with an interview with an actual woman  that posts for ongoing casual relationships  and a pie chart demonstrating the  demographics behind the Casual  Encounters ads on the Boston craigslist. The responses themselves make for  the most interesting read. As Tyler puts  it: “One can find almost everything  [here]: the titillating, the bizarre, the  pathetic, the inept, the scary, the  disingenuous, the incoherent, the  tacky, the downright depressing, the  tasteless, and let’s not forget the flat-out insane.” Though I would add:  the unintentionally hilarious. These  genuine responses are better than any  fiction, and, for the voyeur in all of us,  offer accidentally intimate glimpses into  other people’s lives. Tyler also adds not- quite-snarky comments at the bottom  of each of the samples, but they are  more distracting than humorous. Ready for Love is a slice of the human  psyche, a hastily and casually cut slice —  just like its subject matter. (Leanne Wong)

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