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Slime Bucket Vol. 1

Promo Zine, Ricky Alva, Tony Tompson,, $5


slime-bucket-1-mgI was confused at first by this photo zine printed on thick card stock with Eddie Munster on the cover. “TVA OR DIE PAL!” Eddie insists. What?

Inside, a bunch of dudes mug for the camera in and around a liquor store, sometimes chugging 40s of Budweiser or flipping the bird, followed by some cityscapes, and a collage of the same image of Charles Manson over and over with the words “TVA OR DIE” on his forehead where the swastika should be. I went to their website looking for more insight about what I was looking at, which was when I realized this zine is really an advertisement for a clothing line. Technicolor Vision Apparel — ironic, given that all the photos are in black and white — sells T-shirts with logos of early American hardcore bands mashed up with their own name or characters from horror movies and The Munsters, of all things. The package they sent us included five stickers with Herman Munster’s Frankenstein face photoshopped into the ubiquitous Misfits skull logo. If you’d like fashion tips from a bunch of dudes who like shitty beer, mass murderers, and you don’t have access to a time machine to take you back to the 90s, you should check this out. (Mary Green)

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