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Terminal Boredom: Issue 02

Music zine, Rich Kroneiss + various,


terminal-boredom-2-cover-mary-greenA very young Iggy Pop is on the cover of this zine produced by the fellas from Kenmore, NY- based Terminal Boredom Records, as are the words, “Black Flag.” It surprised me that there could possibly be anything left to say on the subject when the zine was printed in early 2015, but it seems there is. Unfortunately it’s really only of interest if you have an opinion about the animosity between current and former members of Black Flag or were curious about live shows by FLAG (TL;DR: fine if you’re interested in watching a glorified cover band play early BF jams for 90 plus minutes.) Mostly I’m sorry there are so many sad punks who are now embarrassed to have four black bars tattooed on their bodies.

The first page contains an editor’s note and a mysterious “Want List” which includes the first Eric’s Trip album on SubPop, as well as any Elevator, Elevator to Hell, and Elevator Through cassettes or CDRs. Come to the Maritimes, Termbo friends; we are lousy with all of that. The zine also contains usual music zine fare: band interviews, record reviews — including an exhaustive catalogue of cassettes released by the band Tyvek — poetry, rants, weird stories, and lists of upcoming releases from tiny record labels. My favourite thing was an annotated list of “Top 15 Most Noteworthy Meals Eaten in America,” compiled by Shaun Connor from the band Ausmuteants following the band’s 2014 tour. Highlights include the WalMart of “some dumb town” where the band prepared and ate rotisserie chicken sandwiches in the parking lot. (Mary Green)

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