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Leading up to the Toronto Art Book Fair, June 15 – 18, we’re profiling some of our favourite exhibitors. 

Lido Pimienta is a Colombian born artist-curator and musician. Lido describes the central themes of her work as “the politics of gender, race, motherhood, identity and the construct of the Canadian landscape in the Latin American Diaspora and vernacular.”

Lido’s work is the definition of multidisciplinary, going beyond visual arts in many directions. She created Bridges in 2012, a festival for musicians in South American and Canada challenging pre-conceptions of Latin culture, only two years after she released and toured her first album Color LP in 2010. She is also credited as the creator for Girl Talkz (2013), a curated show for female up-and-coming artists, and GlitClit (2014) a DJ collective. Thus Lido’s work and art not only invites a larger conversation about gender and race in Canada, but she actively creates space for marginal voices and emerging artists to participate in this conversation. 

Much of her visual art investigates representations of female identity, relationships, and the intersectionality and fluidity of these representation. Using bold carefree strokes and solid blocks of colour, her art conveys a sense of cheery playfulness. The thickness and saturation of vibrant colours spill out beyond the page, where the world is bubbling with excitement, and the faces are curious and vulnerable. Lido’s work is always  graceful and fun in equal measure. 

Lido Pimienta will be featured at the Toronto Art Book Fair (TOABF) June 15th – 18th 2017, Artscape Youngplace. TOABF is “dedicated to increasing the visibility, dissemination, appreciation, and understanding of the artists’ book and its contemporary manifestations within the visual arts field in Toronto and Abroad.”

Visit Lido Pimienta’s official site here:

More on the Toronto Art Book Fair here:

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