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Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.35.55 PMThe Casebook of Elijah Snugs
Comic, Sal Sciandra, issue 1,

In this cute, kid-friendly comic, we learn almost immediately that “Elijah Snugs is the greatest detective of his generation, capable of solving any mystery.” He also is a koala bear. He also plays a mean sax. And perhaps as important, he is one of a series of animal characters (of the no-pants/genitalia-free variety) that make this handcrafted comic such a delight. Creator Sal Sciandra keeps things like as Elijah and his pouchless pals embark  on a light-and-lively whoodunit, matching wits with the other inhabitants of Animal City along the way. Casebook works based on the quality of the illustrations, the playful prose and the fact that nothing goes very deep. There is just a real positivity and sense of fun to this work and Sciandra does a nice job of ensuring the high production standards of the zine ensure the overall presentation is rock solid. This looks and feels like a stereotypical comic and we mean that in the most complementary fashion. Overall, it would appear Sciandra aimed to create a classic comic that could be enjoyed by young and old alike and on the whole, he has done just like that. And if the reader needed an extra nudge, the comic ends with a bonus few frames that show a pig trying to order a pizza. (Cam Gordon)

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