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A Small Zine with Some Skulls I Like, Keight MacLean, 14 pgs

SKULLS - CoverThis zine is exactly what it says it is.

Keight likes all kinds of different skulls. At first she liked a really primitive, sketchy skull. As she grew older and started listening to better bands her skull preferences evolved to more complex and detailed varieties. Not only did she draw better skulls, but she got informed about skull history and even patterns of decay on certain skulls. This is forcing me to ponder whether there is a causality between musical preference and the quality of ones taste in skulls?

The drawings here are simple and fun and I appreciated that this zine got in, said its piece, and then ended. There’s something to be said for brevity. Topics covered include goat skulls, skull decoration, skulls in historical portraiture – there are even skull puns. If I give any more away there will be nothing for you to discover and get excited about. So, thumbs up. A Small Zine with Some Skulls I Like gets docked minor points for having a taped-together spine, so find Keight on social media and throw her some dough for this zine so she can buy a long-arm stapler. (Chris Landry)

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