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Comic, Carrie Q Contrary,, $5


She sure is – Buxom, that is! This mini-comic contains the brief origin story of Buxom, a super luchadora. She was a champion wrestler in high school who goes on to join the local police, but dons the persona of Buxom when the corruption becomes too much to bear.

I’m not really a superhero comics person, but I know there has been a lot of controversy in recent years about how female heroes are portrayed: the impracticality of their costumes, how they’re often shown contorting their bodies in impossible ways to titillate male readers. I want to note that while Buxom’s appearance lives up to her name, it doesn’t strike me as at all gross or objectifying. She’s stacked and wears a costume that shows cleavage, but she has the hips and booty to match and looks like she could bench press anyone who crosses her. The zine doesn’t say if we can expect more issues of Buxom and her adventures fighting against the powerful cartels, but I hope they are in the works. (Mary Green)

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