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ZINES_Anxiety-ComicsComic, Stacey Bru, Vol. 1,, $4.50

The central character in Stacy Bru’s Anxi­ety Comics — presumably autobiographi­cal — has moods that change as quickly as her hairstyles. Happy news is overshad­owed by doubt and sleep is interrupted by worry. All of these emotions are personi­fied through black and white cartoons, with lines that are thick and swoopy. Bru’s character is followed around by a fat, wispy anxiety blob and sometimes ac­companied by a fat, droopy wisp of de­pression. Depression has fanged teeth and sad eyes; anxiety has gills and a seal’s tail.

As a collection, the zine chronicles cre­ative doubt in life’s quiet moments and this makes it immensely relatable. All of us have seen our flaws in neon and our successes as just not big enough yet. The author represents beautifully just what it feels like to have the surge of joy that ac­companies success immediately inter­rupted by a big BUT WHAT IF. The comics normalize the icky feelings we all experi­ence in our work and our lives. And de­spite the fact the main character is often feeling dejected and unhappy, the collec­tion was finished, the panels were drawn, and in this way the physical proof of this zine shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel. (CJ Blennerhassett)

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