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Art & Wonder Issue 1: Neon
Art Zine, Buck Doyle, Kendra Place, Cam Scott (eds), 38 pgs,, $10 + postage

Art & Wonder’s first issue explores how neon is used as a medium to convey a variety of messages. The zine employs both interpretations of various contemporary works as well as statements from the artists. Though the zine showcases only a few neon pieces, the versatility of the medium becomes clear: pieces range from commentary on colonialism and the fur trade to a moving work created with Hurricane Katrina in mind. I especially liked the first section, which opens with an interpretation of the work of artist Tanis Maria S’Eiltin and progresses to writing from S’Eiltin herself. I appreciate how this zine provides a duality of perspectives to help us understand the work and lends the artistic/critical perspectives equal importance. Regarding the zines materiality, the printing is very high quality and I admire its square shape, which I find generally uncommon with most zines.  Art & Wonder presents a message of individualized expression quickly as its square shape physically sticks out from the rest of my collection. (Rachel Davies)

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