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Basic Paper Airplane #7
Zine, Joshua James Amberson, Antiquated Future, P.O. Box 42081, Portland, Or, 97292,, $2 USD (+$1 shipping)

Joshua James Anderson, a Portland-based writer, describes his zine perfectly in the first two sentences: “about not having it all figured out. And being old enough that most people don’t think that’s interesting.”

The author clings to the innocence and simplicity of youth and seems to em- brace it as a lifestyle. In the “The Post” he addresses how some people don’t know what zines are or how to pronounce them and how cute that is. So, that was something. It’s actually slightly mind- boggling how naïve he comes across. He talks about how his friends are doing “grown up” things like getting married and how his path, his clear desire for bohemia is not superior, but also not inferior. Which makes him neither better or worse, just feeling apathetic. He is okay with his success (or lack thereof) by his own standards of success, so he is good in his own books, everyone.

Type-written and cut and pasted with William Blake-like imagery, the zine looks decent and reads easy. It also has solid one-liners like, “Here is a parade. (there it goes)”. The conciseness is actu- ally really appropriate. However, there is something exhausting about latent self- discovery. If this zine were a movie, it’d be a romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant. (Rekha Tulsiram)

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