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This quarter-page cutie is quite possibly the most practical zine I’ve reviewed in my 10+ years of slinging words for BP. This totally green zine would not be out of place at garden centres, nurseries, or anywhere that one finds houseplants for sale.

Mick Klack breaks things down into basics, outlining the items needed to get into the house gardening game and dedicating a dozen or so pages to the most mainstream and beloved houseplants on the planet. It’s completely illustrated and again, everything is glossy and bathed in green. It works perfectly. The drawing of the agave plants looks succulent and shiny. The snake plant looks very snaky and pointy (though not hissy or creepy). He gives super fun tips with each plant too, including how much water each likes to “drink” and which ones you should avoid eating so you and your family members or pets don’t die. The entire read is just pleasant as hell, and while I’m personally out of the demographic as a generally plantless person, I found myself absorbing every square inch of this zine with enthusiasm. And yeah, leafing through it with pleasure. Yeah. Okay. (Cam Gordon)

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