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Josh 2

Comedians Coloring & Activity Book
Activity zine, Jolie Ruin and Jamie Noggle, 20 pgs,, $2

I have yet to succumb to the out-of-nowhere grown-up coloring craze. However, the opportunity (provided by the zine Comedians Colouring & Activity Book) to not only colour a cigarette-smoking Doug Stanhope but also lead him through a maze may be the one that sucks me in.
Comedians Coloring & Activity Book features half sheet coloring pages and a variety of activities starring some of your favorite stand-up comics. The light-lined portraits resemble the comedians enough that if you know these people at all, you might say “Oh yeah, that’s Patton Oswalt, right?” Yes, yes it is. And you can colour him. Wanna give Louis CK an orange oompa-loompa face? Go for it! Wanna make Amy Schumer look like Iron Man? Now you can!
For those that wish to do their adult coloring in more realistic palates, one colour you will not be using very much in this zine is brown; despite this being a comedian coloring book, there are no comedians of color. I would recommend this addition to the editors. Can we get an Aziz Ansari, an Al Madrigal, a Leslie Jones or a Hannibal Buress perhaps?
Nevertheless, this is a fun little activity zine, and a fun idea! Watch out for the improved, more inclusive next issue (I hope)! (Joshua Barton)

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