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Zine, Kerri Radley, Research & Destroy,, $2

Hearing ability is one spectrum where zines can act in particularly tactical ways. Kerri Radley, who also makes Deafula (detailing her experiences as a deaf person) takes up that strategic advantage. In Danger Unheard, a one-off zine, Radley discusses a few tactics for the loathsome and sometimes deadly task of dealing with police. But as the zine’s text becomes increasingly punctuated by news clippings and anecdotes of atrocious police misconduct, violence, and discrimination — “Shot 6 Times —Didn’t Hear Officer”— it takes a dire turn towards a cruel reality. Indeed, the short text concludes that police training, advocacy, awareness campaigns, and other actions deaf people and allies might attempt ultimately don’t matter. The zine’s tiny size and bright pink cover manage to pack a strong punk aesthetic. Radley employs collage and found text to create a fugal creation bouncing between her own thoughts on police and the raw news clippings that serve to ground them. Danger Unheard achieves what many zines attempt — it’s practical, political and pocketsize. (Jonathan Valelly)

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