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ZINES_Dirty FaceDirty Face
Comic, John Prata, 18 pgs,, $0.99

Priced to move at a cool $0.99, Dirty Face is a semi-slick collection of smack-talkin’ cartoons who bring
the sass in droves.

Drawn with love by John Prata, this comic is a scattershot of faces with big buggy eyes and personal issues. There’s a narrative at times. For example, “Workin’ 4 A Living” is a two-pager where a gnarly little dude with some soreness “down there” is whipped into shape by a pair of Gestapo-lookin’ motherfuckers.

So that’s the coherent part. The rest is largely played for laughs: a collection of flawed guys and gals, each dealing with something or other. It’s pretty funny overall and the reader/viewer is never forced to dig too deep. The content is brief and works well because it’s punchy, quick and shallow in all the right places. Even better, the back cover features 20 such faces; approximately 40% of which are smiling, like a Josten’s photo composite gone to heck. Dirty Face has heart – somehow. (Cam Gordon)

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