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Zine, Candace Mooers, 36 pgs, 7877 St-Denis, Montreal, PQ, H2R 2E9,, price not listed


Well, that was super personal!

DisloCations is a new highly specific zine from Candace Mooers, created this past summer during her residency at the Anchor Archive Zine Library in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It details her decision to move back to her hometown of Fredericton from her adopted hometown of Toronto.

In the days of social media and over-sharing, it’s a bit refreshing and decidedly retro to see somebody spilling their guts in a zine format like this. Candace gives a broad glimpse of where she’s at, talking about travel plans, long-term aspirations and general life goals in a wide, wide sense. She also talks about where she writes, how she writes and what she might write about in future. Again, this is heavy on detail. The most memorable moments of DisloCations are when Candace ponders the Fredericton she once knew and how it has and hasn’t changed in the years she’s been away.

For anyone who still clings to roots in their hometown, it’s highly relatable in terms of themes discussed and not surprisingly, much of it blends both love and hate into the equation. With a suggested move to Montreal on the horizon (she’s a rambler in the literal sense), it’ll be interesting to see if we get a #2 in this series to continue the dense narrative that Candace has already shared with us. (Cam Gordon)

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