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Artzine, Miko Maciaszek, issue 1,, price not listed

Dusk is an illustration zine featuring elaborate drawings of nighttime wildlife. Turning the pages, you get sucked into the immersive world of a dark woods. You can practically feel the creepy crawlies on your skin. Moths, snakes, and the living vines of possessed plants press up against you. A narrative is hinted at but never made explicit. Who are the men with the flashlights and what is their midnight mission? Who are hunting lynxes? Is the snake the same one we know from the story of Eden? This is all made doubly eerie by the almost human figures illuminated from the inside who take care of fallen animals. There is some strange battle at play, concealed inner workings that the reader is never let in on. Instead
we only see dank blank blackness. But maybe that is the point. Nature never reveals her secrets. Dusk is printed quite nicely on shiny paper and will appeal to people who love the enigmas of nature and skilled illustration. Just don’t look at it before you sleep. (Neal Armstrong)

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