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Food zine, Number 3, Winter 2011, Jazz Robinson & Dan Varenka,,, $5 (US)

I first encountered the Eat crew at Chicago Zine Fest in 2011. I picked up their whole run (to date) which included this issue that’s just now come through for review: number 3. But I have to mention number 2 as well, because the cover title was potato-stamped onto homemade garlic and onion paper. I mean, c’mon! An edible zine about food? Too good. Jazz and Dan are a clever duo, with contributors that have an intelligent appreciation of food that’s sophisticated without being pretentious. Apparently, Eat was once their joint project in Rochester, NY, but this issue sees them split between Rochester and Chicago, Jazz being the beneficiary of the culinary delights of the Second City. Contributions range from a breakdown of Rochester-area edible mushrooms, a selection of soup recipes from a Rochester crew’s weekly soup night, an interview with the purveyors of Rochester Public Market’s Le Petit Poutine, and a send-up for the thermos complete with recipes: keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. The latter story complements the front and back cover photos of vintage thermoses (thermi?). Obviously, foodies will appreciate Eat, but I think it’s an accessible food zine worth a general recommendation. Jazz, Dan and company are not preachy — they don’t tell you what you shouldn’t eat — but they have a clear passion for good food, and love sharing that passion. So whether you’re already deep into culinary magic or just looking to expand your palette with tips from some friendly people, check it out. (Joshua Barton)

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