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A texting interview with… Peter Birkemoe

Interview zine, Kawai Shen, 6 pgs, Cute Juice Comics,, $1

Kawai Shen continues, in this zine, her cheeky series of texting interviews, in which she offers readers a quick, casual glimpse at some of the comic scene’s most interesting characters. Encompassing just the single side of an A4 sheet of paper, folded into the classic “middle sliced” six-page zine, Shen’s interviews rarely delve deeper than a typical game of “would you rather.”

In the limited space given, however, Birkemoe and Shen are able to touch on the rise and fall (and subsequent rise) of Gucci, sex, comedy, finances, and “the oddest thing [Birkemoe] has ever put in [his] mouth.” Spoiler: it’s a sea-urchin.

EXCERPTS_Stexting interview with peter birkemoe 1.tif

Like all of Shen’s little interviews, A texting interview with… Peter Birkemoe is bite-sized, fun, and well worth the two-minutes spent reading. They’re all available online, but come with a great deal more cultural capital when purchased in their hand-folded print edition at Birkemoe’s very own The Beguiling. (Joel W. Vaughan)

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