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zine, Friction in the Hub: Why I Quit my Job as a Bicycle Mechanic #1,, price not listed

A manifesto (of sorts) in zine format, Friction in the Hub tells the story of one man falling in and out of love with the bicycle. He is a bike fixer by trade but at some point, he became disillusioned with the industry formed around him and he bails for a variety of valid reasons. We won’t spoil anything because it’s a pretty fascinating zine concept, especially since bikes, in general, are “sacred cows” for many urban dwellers, environmentalists and insecure people. Truth be told, this fella doesn’t hate bikes at all and he never will. What he appears miffed about is the misguided sense of DIY that exists within that world and the resulting headaches and head shakes that have come his way as a result. Again, it’s very rare to see this kind of counterpoint being taken in such a calm, cerebral fashion. The text is dense and, at times, technical. This very much reads like a brain dump of thoughts that had been troubling the writer for some time. But through all the frustration and mire, perhaps the most remarkable swerve (or non-swerve) is the eventual passion for bikes and cycling culture that bleeds thick through these pages. This is a non life-or-death confessional that should appeal to anybody within the crosshairs of this community or maybe just anybody who is even a bit voyeuristic. (Cam Gordon)

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