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Travel zine, Alissa Rossi,, $2

The city of Detroit has been the butt of a lot of cheap jokes in recent years…and well, decades. Most poke fun at the “hilarity” that is abject poverty, crumbling infrastructure and racism. But there always does seem to be a fairly vocal and fairly heady underground voice that points to the spirited arts community in the Motor City. In some cases, this might be something completely obvious — like techno music — or something completely obscure that is probably only known to people in Michigan (and maybe Windsor). To help shed light on the latter, Go to Detroit could effectively serve as a #realtalk tourism pamphlet and I’d be curious to know the motives of Allssa Rossi and whoever else worked on this pamphlet, in terms of the zine’s general MO. I get the hunch that Alissa and whoever else (if anyone) visited Detroit, was taken by the city in ways both good and bad, and went on the non-pejorative defensive.
This zine works because it doesn’t sugar-coat. It highlights the good (Detroit is apparently a great biking city!) with the not-so-good (always keep a cab number on your person in case of trouble: she provides a list). Visually, there are maps and collages and photographs. They’re pretty nice. A solid read for the curious or the soon-to-be curious. (Cam Gordon)

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