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Artzine/Comic, Pardis Lili Khanmalek,, price not listed

Pardis Lili sent us two zines for review: the minicomic Planet of Cuties and a halfsize artzine called Islam Book. It took me a minute to get the wordplay in the title of the former: “Islam book,” is like the “slam books” we all had in junior high. Most of this zine’s content is visual art in the form of photographs and Crayola marker doodles of faces, pot leaves, hearts, and crescent moons. Some of the photos and drawings are remixed into hypnotizing patterns, reminding me of fractals or those Magic Eye pictures that were everywhere in the 90s. The bulk of the text written in English is an open letter to Barack Obama, but there are also several pages of Arabic script, which was unfortunately lost on me. Planet of Cuties, meanwhile, is a seven sentence story accompanied by intense watercolour illustrations. It is an account of a person whose house blasts off into outer space and lands on the titular planet. Our hero finds themselves surrounded by similar-looking characters, all sporting thick red lips and Frida Kahlo eyebrows, one of whom forms a sexy connection with the interplanetary traveller. (Mary Green)

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