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Zine, 14 pgs, Sofie Mikhaylova, House Hippo Press,, $2

People use the “Missed Connections” section on Craigslist for any number of different reasons; to sheepishly mock strangers, to share stories of long-lost love, secret hookups or just for anonymous crushin’. All in all, it’s just a way to feel heard. The site successfully channels the collective consciousness of the city, focused into a fine piercing laser of raw unrequited passion. Sofie, the producer of this zine, is a cool artist who does not pigeonhole herself within a single medium, and has previously explored interests in fashion,  illustration and writing. More recently, she’s founded a feminist LGBTQ press called House Hippo Press with the freelance writer Erica Lenti, using it to present Missed Connections in Toronto. One thing that I liked about this zine was that everything was left up in the air. Sofie offers no criticism or explanation of the posts she chose to feature. Some were pretty funny or desperate, while others were angry, creepy, ableist and racist. (“I really want to see you get punched in that manface of yours,” one entry rages.)This unfortunately is what the general collective consciousness of a big city likely consists of: rude, crude and occasionally earnest desires fraught with self doubt. Sofie puts these public admissions under a microscope and beckons you silently to take a look. (Andrew Melanson)


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