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Night Shift
Zine, JM Francheteau, #3,

You gotta sort through a bit of grit to make sense of Night Shift, but personally, I
think it’s worth the effort. It’s a three-parter. Third part: a poem. It’s decent. Second
part: a “recipe” of how to make a quinzee defined by Wikipedia as ” a shelter made
by hollowing out a pile of settled snow”. The first part is a primer on Toronto street
artist/ghost P. cob.

As a Toronto lifer and somebody who’s been fairly clued into various
subterranean leanings for a few decades, the legend of P.cob_ had somehow eluded
me so this was a bit of a treat to read. No spoilers but if you have any interest in
Shepard Fairey, the old Infiltration zine or the mystery of the Toynbee Tiles, the
freaky works of P. cob will fall into a similar realm of fascination.

Night Shift is a nice slice of retroactive nostalgia for the Toronto of the 1980s
and 1990s, albeit with a seriously warped sensibility and plenty of (likely) delusion.
Thanks for sharing. (Cam Gordon)

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