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I don’t know about you, but in this screen-saturated world, it takes some pretty compelling buzz to get me to download a pdf of a zine, even if it’s free. And unfortunately, this series made by a small collective of skaters/illustrators/designers, just doesn’t cut it. Each issue is visually intriguing, using slick desktop publishing to splice images of tattoo drawings, B + W latergrams, stock photography, and various typography; however, the production simply cannot make up for the writing, which is a combination of disjointed stories in Vol 1 that profess to “observe and take note” of specific moments in cities like Wichita and vague poetry, which is the bulk of the content in Vol 3. The tragedy is that there are seeds of interesting content that have the potential to surprise — Mike, and the Walgreens SWAT team in Vol 1 and a few of the lines from the lyrics in Vol 3 —but fall short in challenging readers’ expectations.
Not only that, but the ultimate problem with Observing the Observables is that there isn’t any consistency across the three volumes. If I had to recommend one, I’d suggest reading Vol 1 and call it a night. (Jason Luther)

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