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Artzine, Patricio Miguel Ulloa,, price not listed

‘Thrown together’ is rarely the term I’d use to describe a zine favourably, but that seems to be the only way to describe Patricio Miguel Ulloa’s Slappy Hour Vol. 2. Little time has been spent on its alignment and typeface, and it might even seem hastily stapled. Thank God, then, that Ulloa’s illustrations are so solid that they set Slappy Hour apart from the crowd,
tying the whole thing together with an air of “so-good-it-doesn’t-need-to-try.” The zine is a casual glance through Ulloa’s notebook, doodles and all., and includes everything from lined-paper sketches to scrawled-upon receipts. The centerfold is an intricate watercolour drawing of Adam West and Darth Vader, the former with some sensual expression and the latter grasping a puffer. This has to be should be seen to be believed. Ulloa’s artwork is consistently stellar, without a shred of pretension. When paired with its simple production, the zine seems more scantily-clad than it does cheap. Maybe volume three could improve its design, but then, why fix what isn’t broken? (Joel W. Vaughan)

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